What to Expect with VIP Airport Service

Visiting Israel for the first time is an exciting experience, but it can also be hectic. This is especially true at the airport, where large crowds of people can make it even more difficult to navigate a large complex. It always helps to have a friendly guide who can help you find your way, and that’s just what a VIP airport service package will provide.

When you choose a VIP airport pickup package, an agent will be sent to welcome and guide you upon arrival. All security procedures will be expedited. You’ll be able to move ahead in the security lines and receive guidance on exactly where you should proceed next in order to clear the proper checkpoints. Your passport will also be processed faster and you’ll be out of the terminal before you know it.

If you’re planning an extended vacation in Israel, you will probably be bringing plenty of luggage with you. Your VIP pickup package includes assistance with your luggage. Your agent will help you carry your belongings through the airport and into the vehicle. Having a little extra help means that you can bring more of the things that you need for an exceptional visit.

Some VIP packages also provide access to private lounges. These lounges offer a great place to relax while your belongings are gathered for you. Food and beverages will be provided. Visitors can also take advantage of the many office services provided in these lounges or spend time socializing with others.

Whenever you are ready to leave the airport, your agent will drive your destination in a luxurious vehicle. You won’t have to worry about finding your hotel. With a personalized driver, you can spend more time learning your new surroundings and less time navigating through traffic.