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Our commitment is to providing reliable service, superior customer care and honest advice. We’ll ensure you enjoy an authentic Israel experience that is truly unforgettable!

Airline Tickets

Airline tickets

We understand the importance of enjoying the journey as much as the destination. As one of Israel’s full-service travel providers, we take the leg work out of flight planning for you so you can experience a comfortable and worry-free trip. We invite you to sit back, relax and leave the details to us!

Fly for less

Looking to stretch your travel dollar? We can help. We’ll minimize your costs by finding you extraordinary deals on airline tickets and last minute flights to Israel and worldwide. By searching thousands of airlines to compare prices,we’ll ensure you get the best deal possible with no hidden fees. We’ll even help you mix and match options on different airlines to ensure you get the personalized itinerary you want within your budget. Our commitment is to delivering exceptional value and the kind of savings you’ll notice when it comes to managing your travel budget.

Reliable booking system

Whether you’re booking well in advance or require a last minute flight, our unique airline booking system ensures your orders are handled manually, guaranteeing a process that’s simple, error-free and reliable. We maintain a high level of integrity when coordinating the details of your trip to ensure you end up with a flight schedule that works best for you.

Superior care

Let our knowledgeable and courteous travel experts plan your flight itinerary so you can get to your destination comfortably and on time. Our consistent track record for fast, flexible and honest customer service has made us one of the most respected travel agencies in the region. With our experience, industry connections and reliable booking system, we’ll save you the hassle and frustration of flight planning so you can enjoy a peaceful trip.

For more information, call: Israel 02-650-8840, USA 1(800) 651-7026, UK 0203-150-0418, or email: customercare@tiferestravel.com