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Group Planning

Tiferes Travel offers your group visiting Israel the advantage of a highly skilled event staff, as well as a working knowledge of all stages of group planning.  From concept to reservation, logistics to execution, our groups department can make your experience in Israel successful and affordable.    Let us propose itineraries for your group — whether for intimate family celebrations or full-scale event programming, holidays, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and weddings — and give your group the gift of stress-free travel.

Please inquire about the following areas of group planning:


Because of our familiarity with the travel industry in general, and with air travel in particular, we can broker discounted ticket prices for your group directly from the airlines. We also offer opportunities using frequent flyer points, which can be redeemed for Business and First Class discounts and upgrades.


Stay in the hotel of your dreams, and receive complimentary room upgrades for your group. There are many other amenities our hotels are willing to provide, free-of-charge, in order to garner continued patronage to their hotel. Depending upon the purpose and size of your group, we can pair you with the perfect hotel to suit your needs, including in-house restaurants, event space, private Shabbos dining, and tour-guide discounts.


Even a great tour can be ruined by amateur planning. Without tested experience, your group can be left with undue delays and frustrated travelers. Our tour-guides offer vast knowledge and hands-on experience of touring the depth and breadth of Israel, especially with groups. By focusing on both the global and local operations of your group (such as bus parking, dining and event preparation, etc.) we can customize your Israel touring exactly according to your wants, while your logistical needs. Please contact us for sample itineraries.


The common denominator in our guides is: flexibility. Whether it’s a nature getaway in the North, Israeli war history, a journey through Jerusalem’s Holy Temple periods, or Kivrei Tzadikim, our tour-guides will suit the diverse interests of your group.

Biography of Sruly Jacobson
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Biography of Moshe Hamburg
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You didn’t come to Israel to wait for the bus. Our top notch drivers, and on-demand fleet of buses, vans, and specialty vehicles run on-time and according to American standards of service and courtesy. Enjoy the ride.


Need to get your group to a destination in a hurry? Don’t want to fight the crowds? Or do you just want to give your group that extra special touch of luxury? Once your group tries our VIP airport service, you will never want to travel without it again! Choose from a variety of services which save you time, stress, and undue bother on arrival or departure. Please see our VIP section in the menu above for more information.

NB: Typically a minimum of 10 people are required for group rates, but this can vary. Discounts are dependent upon availability, season, and nature of the group.


For more information, call: Israel 02-650-8840, USA 1(800) 651-7026, UK 0203-150-0418, or email: customercare@tiferestravel.com